Different Types of Taxes in India

Different Types of Taxes in India
Different Types of Taxes in India

Different Types of Taxes in India

Taxes are a fundamental part of any country to advance its economic growth. The taxes that we pay to fill the coffers of the government, which are then used by it to convey different services to the country’s population. Let’s discuss different types of taxes in India.

We all know that Taxes are paid and nations are made. However, very few are aware that the government asks to pay taxes in different manners. Taxes are financial charges imposed on an individual or a company by the central government or state government. 

Since we realize what taxes are, how about we take a look at the sort of taxes in India. 

Various sorts of taxes

India has two types of taxes, in particular, Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. The main difference between both the taxes lies in their execution. 

  • Direct Tax

Taxes that are paid directly by people and associations to the government of India go under Direct Tax. Taxes that are funded under Direct Tax incorporate Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Prerequisite Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Marginal Tax, and Rate Tax on Agricultural. 

There are different kinds of Direct Taxes, which include: 

  1. Income Tax 

Income Tax came into power with the Income Tax Act of 1961. This demonstration sets all the principles of personal tax. This tax will apply to any payments you produce for profits, owning a property, pay, investments, or business.

  1. Capital gains tax

This is fundamentally payable on measures of cash that you get from an investment, and so on., those sums being capital additions, for example, considerable amounts of money. 

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  1. Securities transaction tax

This is payable in stock market transactions and is determined by including the offer cost and the tax sum. Each time a securities trader purchases or sells any offer, during the procedure, he needs to pay a protections exchange tax. 

  1. Corporate tax 

This resembles personal tax for the organizations. The tax rates vary for domestic and foreign corporations. Likewise, there are four sorts of corporate tax, minimum alternate tax, fringe benefits tax, dividend distribution tax, banking cash transaction tax.

. Indirect Tax

Service Tax which is caused by implication by the government of India is given by firms and servicing companies instead of financial advantage. The Central Government, using the Finance Act, 1994 governs the taxability of services provided by an individual or an organization under Section 66B. Service tax is taxed at the pace of 15% at present. 

This incorporates service tax, extract duty, deals tax, customs duty, Value Added Tax (VAT), and GST.

  1. Service Tax 

Most of the services offered in organizations, for example, software companies, restaurants, travel agents, and so forth, service tax for providing paid services. Service gave by organizations, for example, travel agents, tour operators, health centers, banking, and financial services, and more at risk to cover service tax. The present rate of service tax in India is 14% 

  1. Value Added Tax (VAT) 

VAT or Value Added Tax is a significant tax for State governments, as it’s a substantial source of income for State Governments. The VAT is applicable to the sale of goods and products. Each state has its individual Sales Tax or VAT Act. The VAT rates additionally contrast dependent on the thing in India, starting with one nation then onto the next. 

  1. Custom Duty 

Goods imported into India from a foreign country will draw in customs obligation. Customs duty is gathered at the port of entry by the Customs Department. Read more

  1. Central Excise 

Central Excise Duty is a type of Indirect Taxation collected through the Central Excise Act, 1944. The Central Excise Duty is imposed on Goods and Products, which are manufactured or created in India. 

Both Direct and Indirect Taxes are fundamental to the economic development of the country.


Apart from this, some other taxes are also available in our country. These all taxes are also imposed by the Indian Government, such as – Entertainment Tax, Dividend Distribution Tax, Toll Tax, Municipal Tax, Professional Tax, Stamp Duty, Education Cess, and Swachh Bharat Cess. I hope you’ve got your head wrapped around the different types of taxes in India.

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